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Shipping Container Yard

Steel Giraffe LLC is a custom container outfitter, specializing in the marine and yachting industry. We have developed systems and materials that result in the highest quality finish while maximizing interior usable space. All of our containers are insulated with a specialized R10 panel. From there, the customizable options are endless. Common projects include outfitting for workshops, sail/storage, or laboratory caliber workspaces. 

We are experienced in US and Euro power solutions, including lighting, outlets, and HVAC. We also install glass doors / standard doors, windows, and any other specialty item needed. Our clean and modern look coupled with our own industry experience sets Steel Giraffe containers apart from the competition. We handle all aspects of the build in-house, from purchasing the container, design and CAD renderings, outfit / build, to final delivery. 

Call or email us today to discuss your project needs. 

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